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September 22, 2008

Clan Mac Farlane

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Rick Miller was to be our Host Clan this year, but due to health reasons he will not be able to make it. We hope and pray that all is well with Rick and his family and hope to see him next year. Rick wrote the following message to the festival.

Dennis,  it tears me up to do this, but we will be unable to attend the festival this year.  My wife has just gotten out of the hospital and is very slowly recovering.  She’s just not going to be up to the trip and I depend on her to drive.  I hate to let you down–we all very much wanted to go, especially since we were to be honored.  I tell you, though, we still feel honored–your festival is the best, hands down.  Nowhere else do we feel so at home with a nicer group of people.  And you run things so well and are so masterful that it seems effortless (of course, we don’t see you sweating bullets and tearing your hair!).  If there were such a thing as professional clan organizer, you would be it.  Were you at Culloden, haggis would be England’s national dish!  Please accept my sincerest apologies for our not being in attendance.  Best wishes and take care.–Rick Miller, clan MacFarlane. “EDITED for PRIVACY”

Rick if you are out there we know you would have been a great Host Clan and we are sorry that you could not make it. We appreciate your works of kindness, but it is all of you that make my job easy and make the festival great.

John Little has volunteered to take your place as the host this year. He did so at short notice and we wish to commend Clan Little for all that they have done for the the festival.

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