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December 8, 2018

Stuart C. Cummins

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I must apologize it has been a while since I have been keeping things up to date. I will try to do better. It is with a sad heart the my good friend Stuart C. Cummins has passed away on December 1st 2018. He was a strong supporter of our festival which has also gone. Stuart believed in his heritage and the importance of passing it along to future generations. Stuart and Nancy were always there never missing a year. He represented Clan Stuart well and would have his whole clan there at times in support of his heritage and our festival. He became a leader of Clan Stuart moving from commissioner, to vice president, to president of the clan over the years. The word Clan means family in the scottish tradition and Stuart was definitely a family man that loved God and his country as well.

I remember watching Stuart and Nancy arrive with their dog Angus to the festival. They were always one of the first ones there except for Ralph Barkley who has since passed as well. He was also a strong supporter of the festival in his Bright yellow trusou and deep booming voice. You could almost hear him across the festival grounds. And you would always see Dean and Jean Robertson show up and pitch their tent right among them. And before they could get setup Dean would be spinning some yarn to impress the Ladies or anyone else that would listen. Yes these were very good times and good friends.

They were extended family, we were extended family, brought together by the festival reunion every year. They are missed greatly as is the festival that created this family.  Ceud Mile Failte! for all the memories.

Deus maille ruinn gus an coinnich sinn a-rithist.

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