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October 24, 2009

2009 McPherson Scottish Festival Clan Report

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Clans represented

We had 25 clans in attendance


2 last minute cancellations: Clans Ross and MacNachtan


New clans Clan Aurther, Crawford, Ferguson, Mackay


New Clan representatives: Clan Davidson, Clan McPherson


New clan layout: The additional space from the new layout worked well although clan Elliot said their traffic was down some.


Host clan recognition: Clan Henderson did a wonderful job being Host Clan this year.


2010 Host clan: Clan MacLean with Lottie Herod, has agreed to be the Host for 2010


AGM meetings: Clan Stewart Society of America Had Their AGM at the Festival And all went well.

Clan Little had Their AGM also and had a good time with it here.

The Scottish Military Society Had their AGM here. They stated they will have it here every year


Family reunion The MacLain Family reunion went well and everyone had a good time. Carol Beck said that she would have it here again in the future


Fire ceremony Unfortunately thee Fire Ceremony had to be canceled because of rain.

We should feel fortunate that we have such good weather for our Festival.


Hoggis The hoggis went on as planed in the Lakeside Cabin With several clans saying it worked well there.


Knobby knee contest Bruce Hay Was the winner of the knobby knee contest We had eight brave men that entered to show off their knee


Favorite clan tent John Grant was the winner of the favorite Clan Tent contest, he was surprised to win but he has been here for many years and was deserving of the recognition


Kirkin Reverend Wolcott introduced Reverend Dr. Earl Estill. He a wonderful job for the Kirkin and the service. We had some trouble with the lining up of the tartans because we need some better steps for getting on the stage


Genealogy The genealogy tent had good traffic as usual.




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